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Combine all your GravityForms entries into one simple export – it’s that easy!

GravityForms is a powerful tool for capturing data – but exporting that data in the format you need can be a pain.

Well, not any more. GFEntryExports is a new plugin that allows you to combine all your form entries into one customisable export. Name the export columns exactly as needed without worrying about the form field names. Map the form fields to your custom report columns. The plugin does the rest!

Step 1

Create your report

Give it a name and a description to refer back to later.

Step 2

Add your columns

Use any label you want, add as many columns as you need.

Step 3

Assign your data

Load your forms and assign the fields to your report columns.

Step 4

View and export

View your data, all in one place, and export it to CSV with just one click.

Charity Hospice

Our hospice run regular fundraising campaigns and each one requires a fairly bespoke donation form to match the theme of the campaign. GravityForms is great for building the forms but preparing our financial reports each year is a nightmare. We have to export the entries from each form (the number grows each year) and merge the data before sending it to our accounts department. GFEntryExports has turned a process that took a few hours into something we can turn around in minutes. Its a game changer for sorting and exporting our data.

E-Commerce Business

We use GravityForms and Stripe to run a small E-Commerce website. We only have 10 products and didn’t want to invest so much time in a more complex setup with Woocommerce. GFEntryExports allows us to easily export our orders each day from all the forms in one CSV so we can create and send out the products. Once a month we export a sales report for our accountant keeping our books up to date.

Membership Site

Our website has 3 registration forms for our 3 tiers of membership. We also have a general renewal form for members looking to re-join our Organisation. We used to export all 4 forms each month and manually merge the data to create our membership list but with GFEntryExport we have one master report setup that pulls the details we need from each form in one click. Once the report was setup there wasn’t really anything else to do. Its automatically updated each month when we need it.

CRM Imports

The CRM we use at our company doesnt offer any external API and we are forced to manually update our customers each week. The CRM has a very specific requirement for the field names that we import and GFEntryExport allows us to set that up easily without worrying about the actual field names which we previously had to edit with the default export features. We have added the columns names the CRM requires and added the data from all our forms to each column. Now we can just export the file from our site and upload it directly to the CRM.

Easily combine all your forms entries into one export

All your data, one simple export. No more wasting time merging spreadsheets.

Create and save as many reports as you need

Reports are created as templates, ready to export whenever you need the data.

Date range and Conditional Logic options

Need all the entries on your site from a specific date range or matching meta? We've got you!

Seamless import/export process between services

Create reports with the column names you need already set up in the CSV.

Save time creating reports in Gravity Forms

Set up your preferred columns once, then export in a few clicks whenever you need the data.

Speed up your work flow, admin tasks and data sorting

No more ticking boxes everytime you need your data. Just export your previous template.

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